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Logan’s Fresh 48 Session | Massachusetts Newborn Photography

Those first few hours and days after your baby is born go by in a blur – I should know because I’ve done it three times.  My memories from that period of time with each of my children are a bit fuzzy but I do remember being just absolutely overwhelmed with feelings of happiness and love (and yes, a bit of sleeplessness as well).  The baby there in the bassinet, the burrito swaddle magic that the L&D nurses could do in their sleep, that sweet newborn smell as I kissed their heads, seeing my husband hold our children…  I remember all of that.  I also remember how very quickly each baby changed.  Even in those first few days, they were so different – they seemed to change by the hours.  Fresh 48 sessions offer a way to document all of those moments for families – those very fresh new baby memories – after your labor and birth, but before a traditional newborn session.  While they are typically done within the first 24-48 hours, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that push it to third or fourth day.  Either way, it’s absolutely a beautiful way to document everything from those precious beginning days.

Thank you to Courtney and Josh for inviting me into their first few days with Logan…

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